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About Us

With each new line Negris Lebrum introduces to the fashion world, it becomes bigger and better than the next. Our 2016 fall collection, Le Noir II  presents a style that fits a powerful modern woman; designed with collaborative tones to emphasize a woman’s aspirations, attitude, and strength in society. Each item brings out a females inner beauty and demands respect from all who come in her presence. This fashionable and appealing line will make its mark in the industry.


Negris LeBrum was inspired from a love story that began during 1940’s, between a young beautiful French Creole woman and a handsome man. Although their love was forbidden by societal difficulties, These individuals were brought together by a force that was bigger than the both of them and through fashion their love story is being told to the world. Negris is “aime par beaucoup, admiree par tous, elegance percu”.


The Le Noir est Joli collection(II)  represents the modern women with aspirations, attitude, and strength. Negris Lebrum stands for the woman that is”aime par beaucoup, admiree par tous and elegance percu”, fused with fashionable freedom.